Capture(The house we lost)

I had an emotional awakening Wednesday night. My husband and I lost out on the house we really wanted in Texas because someone else offered on it before we could get down there to see it. We have been looking for several months and this was “it” the “one”, we just knew it inside. But we didn’t jump on it. I knew it would go quickly but had no idea how fast it would go. We only have a week left until Texas and now I’m anxious everything will be gone before we get there.

Capture(The house we offered on but decided against before it was official.)

So, after lots of talking, and I mean LOTS, and looking at the next house on our list, and going back and forth, we called the real estate agent we’re working with in Texas, and told her we were ready to make an offer – site unseen. As soon as we got off the phone with the realtor something happened. Something I wasn’t expecting. I began to panic. Not at the house, at first, but at the realization that we are really, really doing this. We are truly moving. This is actually happening. There’s no backing out – we’re leaving Missouri for Texas. And though I’m super excited about it, I’m also super nervous now, and a little sad about leaving everything behind.

The offer on the house was pulled before it became official. After reading the disclosure, we realized the house wasn’t for us after all. And as hard as it is watching dream homes being sold out from under us, we’ve decided to wait to buy until we get there. I am just praying the homes we want are still there, and new ones we’ll like are on the market.

Capture(The house we have our eyes on now.)

So, after the emotional ups and downs from Wednesday, I purposed in my heart to make sure my family enjoys Missouri this last 6 weeks before we leave. (If everything pans out, we’ll be in Texas so the kids can start school down there.) One of my favorite places in Missouri is the Weston State Park. I have many wonderful memories of going there as a child with my mom and brother. And many great memories of going there alone, as a teenager, or with my brother, taking pictures, hiking, walking along the river, and railroad tracks. I also have great memories of taking the kids there. We even did our family photo’s there a couple years ago. It means a lot to me and I will miss it greatly.

After getting many, many hours of sleep last night – I awoke feeling refreshed. The weather is absolutely perfect for an outing. And so, I packed up the kids and we drove the 20 minutes, through the countryside, over rolling hills, to the park. We stopped at the big huge barn. The kids chased butterfly’s, they were every where! They were even landing on us. We looked around the barn and snapped pictures.





We hopped back into the car, windows down, cool spring breeze blowing through our hair, and drove down through the winding roads, sheltered by trees, to walk along the railroad.


We were the only ones at the railroad. Except for lots of butterfly’s. They were every where – following us, landing on us, it was a precious memory – it was like they were saying goodbye, sending us off with an amazing memory to hold onto. The kids kicked rocks and ran and giggled and chased butterfly’s.



We wandered slowly to the train tracks. The sun warmed our skin. The slight breeze kept us cool. The green trees sheltered us. And nature buzzed all around us, thriving with life. I’ll never forget this fond farewell to Weston State Park. And what a joy to spend the last time there with my sweet boys.



We stopped by the scenic overlook but there were a couple there making out and making us feel very uncomfortable, so we left quickly. I was bummed by that – wasn’t able to enjoy it, or take pictures, but maybe we’ll go back before August.


After the state park, we drove into the main part of Weston, to our favorite park, and played for awhile, before going to McDonald’s for lunch, and back home to relax from our adventure.


It was a glorious morning!

I won’t forget you, Missouri. I won’t forget your rolling hills, your corn fields, your cows roaming the fields. I won’t forget your nature, your woods, your state parks. I won’t forget the memories you hold for me.

Hello Texas. Hello to new memories and new nature and new adventures awaiting us!

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