Second Month

I guess its about time for a Lyme disease update. It’s been awhile. I promised to report daily but that was a bit too much. My updates were all sounding about the same. It’s been a couple of months since switching from traditional medical treatment to homeopathy. I have slacked on my juicing and blending of veggies, greens, and fruits a bit lately. I’m not on the same blending frenzy as I was in the beginning. Its pure laziness really. I need to get back on that. Dash is now being treated with homeopathic medicine now too. I’ve been up and down with herxes lately. At least I know its working. I’m still losing a ton of hair and no one can get to the bottom of it. I’m now wearing hair pieces, like clip in extensions, and half wigs, to help with it. Here is a link to what my hair looks like before and after extensions. I am just using these for volume but have ordered some for length too just to play around with. I know this isn’t a great update but I’m not feeling well today so its going to be short and sweet and to the point.


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