One of the benefits of being on the Candida diet for health is that I lose weight. I lose it fast (not too fast) and I lose a lot. My skin skins bright and appears much younger. My hair becomes thicker, shinier and grows faster. My mood is even and happy. I’m a much more patient person. And my energy level is that of a runner!

There aren’t any negatives to this diet. It isn’t easy. No sir, no ma’am. Your body craves the bad food that got you sick in the first place. The first week is almost unbearable. You dream about the food, you think about the food, you see food commercials all of the time, you have to walk by the bad food in the store, and eating out isn’t an option.

It’s rough at the beginning. Not to mention you’re experiencing “die off” symptoms that range from being wiped, muscles being weak, feeling a bit panicked and more. Depending on how bad your overgrowth is the symptoms can overwhelm you or simply be a nuisance.

The second week you’re still weak. You want to sleep all of the time. You’re beginning to get tired of eating fresh healthy meals and long for the ease of junk food…but the cravings seem to back off and you’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

That’s where I am now. Second week in. 11th day on the diet to be exact. I’m still tired. I have body aches (from the die off) and could sleep all day if I didn’t have babies to take care of. But the good news is that I can feel things getting better. I know it won’t be long before all of the aches and pains are gone and left behind is only good.

In the meantime, while I wait for that awesome energy and hair and skin,  I have the weight loss to get excited about and celebrate. I haven’t weighed myself in the past few days but my last check in I was down 10 pounds.

And pretty soon I’ll be able to get into my old jeans that looked so nice on me. You know what would be even cooler? If I’d win these sexy fine jeans for my new thinner body! Check em out…aren’t they hot? lol 5 minutes for mom and true jeans is giving away a pair and I do hope I can give them the happy home they deserve ;–)Click here if you’d like to win your pair.

If you feel like you need to lose some pounds, my best bud over at One Moms World is holding Operation Spring Weight Off. I figured since I’m already dieting for my health and seeing weight loss I might as well join in! Click here if you’d like to join in the weight loss party.

My advice…do it healthily. I’d much rather people go into a diet with the intention of getting healthy and not of losing a crazy amount of weight. Think health and the weight will come off. I’ll post an update every so often as to how my health and weight are coming along.

Until next time, Nell
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  1. I know that I have a problem with this and my son is actually being treated for it right now (medically, that is). I would love to learn more about the actually diet and I have sone some research on it for my son but he has such a limited diet that it’s hard for him to follow it entirely. Could you email me? I found you from Steph, BTW. Cute dress!

  2. Oh, I have on a pair like that today….NOT….
    I wanted to tell you how special that was for you to send my daughter, Steph that lovely dress….She is so deserving and such a special daughter…..Thank you for blessing her!!! She was so excited.

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