I took the entire day off. I needed to. With the sickies going around the family, I’m tired and my house is overrun with laundry and toys.

It was time to give my all to my boys, my home and myself. And thankfully I have an understanding client.

So even with a small fever, runny nose and cough the boys and I got outside for a wee bit of fresh, warmish air.

It was so nice.

We goofed around, we played, we picked flowers, we laughed and it was so good.

I felt such peace and contentment sitting outside with them. I soaked in their every little move, their little sweet voices, and how innovative they are with their play.

A couple of large stones and a hammer will keep two little boys busy all day!

When I wasn’t down on the ground with them, I was in the back “trunk” area of the van, with country music playing in the background, the breeze blowing through my senses and the sun coming in and out of the clouds.

And before I knew it I was crying oh so happy tears.

Everything felt so picture perfect & I was swallowed whole by an immense sense of gratitude.


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  1. I loved reading this post! It’s the small things that make life perfect – kids playing, the breeze, music – what a great day!

  2. I love that you took the time to really touch the heart and soul of the moment. It is as easy as breathing and keeping your senses open. So easy but so often forgotten. Thanks for sharing this moment. This is what life and mothering is all about. It is all so worthy of a few tears.

  3. Moments are so fleeting they must be cherished because you will never get them back. I think that is what makes me tear up, to enjoy a moment so intensely but to know you will never ever have that moment back again. Thankfully we are in the time of blogs and digital cameras and we can capture a record of these times that our hearts hold so dear. Great post! Have a wonderful weekend too and I hope you all feel better soon.

  4. What an incredible day! Here’s to many more like it!! Your words really capture the wonderful atmosphere of the day. Hope y’all are feeling better soon.

  5. so great you went outside, i bet it made them feel better, got to love fresh air! (although it sure is cold today though, got to love MO weather!!!) your whole family is adorable!!

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