Today was the big shopping day for my son’s upcoming 4th birthday. I bought a lot of really fun things I know he’ll just love and I can’t wait until he unwraps them all!

I couldn’t pass up a couple of items for little old me, though. Actually I could…did…a lot, but I did manage to work past my Mommy guilt enough to purchase a few smaller items I had my eyes on.

I felt ultra girly today and went with pretty pale pinks. I just adore the lipstick. If my camera look close up pictures well I’d snap a shot of my lips. Sooooo yummy.

I needed a practical bag for the zoo, park and other trips out with the boys. This suited my practical needs, but also my desire for something cute. I had to pass up a really awesome to-do-for bag because of the price, but this was a nice little compromise.

I’m learning how to knit. My first project will be a scarf. Are we in scarf season any longer? Most of you would say no. We actually have had snow on and off all day! But truth be told I am doing scarfs because they seem to be the easiest for this newbie. Can’t wait for a quiet moment when I can get my hands on this thing they call knitting!

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