I’ve debated getting rid of this website. I am more sensitive about sharing personal information with the whole world about my children now that they are getting older. And while that still remains, I can’t help but think this is the best way I have to keep a baby book on them, a photo album, and videos. I look back on the earlier years of parenting here on the blog and smile so much. It really is great to walk down memory lane!

So for now, I’m keeping it quiet, password protected, just a place for me. Maybe it’ll be that way forever. Until my boys want to read what I’ve had to say about them throughout their lives.

This week Zane and Dash have been hit with the flu bug. They’ve each missed school. And have been taken good care of by momma. As it should be. While Zane is on the mend, and back in school, he’s not 100%. He had a fishing field trip today. They fished with hot dogs. He thought they were going to use the whole hot dog. He didn’t catch anything but got to touch the fish other children caught. I really wanted him to catch something. He wants to so bad!

He got tuckered out and slept on the way home from picking him and Nick up.


Dash slept in the back of the car while we waited for Zane in the carline for an hour. He held his frog he got from his grandparents tight, the one with the now missing leg, the frog named Frokey. That sleep seemed to help him feel a bit better. He’s now sleeping out on the couch in the living room, watching TV. We almost always let the kids sleep on the couch when they are sick.


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