Sick Kid, Baby Animals, Pumpkins…

It’s amazing to me how resilient kids can be especially when there’s something fun to do. When they’ve been looking forward to doing something for days or weeks they could get hit with the stomach flu and still want to go!

And that’s exactly what happened to my oldest son today. Last night he went to bed at a normal hour. About an hour later I heard him crying so I walked into his dark room and tried to find him.

I didn’t see him on his bed or near the door. I turned my head and he was hiding in the closet. It only took a handful of seconds before I figured out what had happened. He had gotten sick all over the place.

After cleaning up his bedding and popping him into the tub I got him back into bed, read him a few Bible stories, and he drifted back to sleep. He slept through the entire night without getting sick again.

I decided that he would miss school. At that point I didn’t know if he was sick or just ate something that upset his stomach. I just knew I didn’t want to get him up so early after such a big night.

He rolled out of bed around 9am and felt a little warm, but otherwise seemed fine. I took his temp and it didn’t show that he had a temp. He was playing, running around, and truly seemed fine to me.

Of course he still wanted to go pick pumpkins with Grandma. We’ve been talking about it all week. Packed up the kids and car and picked up Grandma. Got about 10 minutes from the pumpkin farm and he rubbed his tummy, saying “tickle”, and made an achy face.

I thought he was hungry, though. He didn’t want to eat breakfast and had thrown up all his dinner from last night. He shook his head no. I thought he was being silly about it since he was getting attention when he’d rub his belly.

Of course I was wrong and I feel like a heel about it now. He threw up in the car :–( Luckily he only had liquid this morning so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. However he was so upset about having just thrown up all over the car and himself. As I would be, too.

We pulled over, Grandma went in and got new pants and wipes from the loca store, and we cleaned up as best we could. Once he was done throwing up he seemed gto feel better. He said “all gone” (lol), and insisted we go on with our pumpkin trip. So that’s what we did.

The day was such fun. We were there for about an hour…and hour of such fun! We fed all the animals and played on the fun toys they had. They had goats, horses, ducks, chickens, and me and Nick’s favorite part were the baby pigs, goats, cows, bunnies, and lambs. Gotta love little baby animals!

After picking out our pumpkins and picking out a toy bus that his Grandma bought him we called it a day and packed up to go home. The time spent at the farm was only about an hour, but everybody was exhausted just from the trip up to the farm ;–)

I tell you…the resilience of a child is amazing. Had that been me I’d want to be in my bed, a few feet from my toilet, being taken care of by my Mama (lol). Not him. He wanted to have fun.

We’re home now and he’s in bed asleep. He is still sick and running a slight fever. Poor guy. I feel so bad I didn’t catch on that he was sick gto his stomach in the car. I should have known instead of thinking he was just hungry or playing it up because Grandma was giving him lots of lovin’ when he’d give his sad face and hold his tummy.

My Mom could relate as my brother got sick in the grocery store when he was about 7 years old. He kept telling Mom his tummy hurt and she kept saying “hold on, we’re leaving soon”. Well the poor thing couldn’t hold out any longer and you can imagine what happened next. He’ll never let my Mom forget it either. At least Nick is too young to remember today’s experience. haha

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  1. That’s always amazed me too – there are times Caleb has done the same thing. I think it must just be a kid thing because like you Nell when I’m sick I wanna be home in bed close to the toilet….LOL!

    It looks like you guys had a great day! How fun!

  2. We’re heading to the pumpkin patch tomorrow. I’ll post pics if the Wog can be still long enough!

    Hope your little ‘un feels better soon!

  3. Awww Nell… what a tough little boy he is. He didn’t want anyone standing in his way to go to the pumpkin patch.. Glad you all got to go and have a great time! I enjoyed the picts 🙂

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