Sitting Boldly In The Front.

10540259_533767403391751_2005789821_nNick walked quietly into his new classroom, taking in the surroundings, through the noise and hustle-bustle of the kids and parents around him, he walked to the very front of the classroom, placing a sticky note on the desk he wanted, perfectly writing his name to claim that desk. The desk, at the very front of the classroom, right there where his teacher would easily see him, call him out –  I was in awe in his quiet confidence.

Had I gone to public school as a child, I’m sure I would have chosen the desk at the very back of the room. Heck, I choose the seats at the very back of church most days. I was so proud of him. This young man growing before my eyes, leaving childhood behind, moving ever so quickly into young adulthood. I cry inside thinking about what a sacred gift this is, raising young men in today’s society. And how ten years ago I held his newly-birthed-body in my 25 year old new-mama-arms and cried looking into his eyes and now he’s walking boldly into fifth grade, out in the world, where good and bad happen, where I can’t protect him, or guide his surroundings as easily as when he was two toddling along.

What a joy he is. What a blessing. What a gift. What a man I’m raising.


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