Special Date With My Son

My Big Boy When He Was LittleThe strong special bond I have my oldest son began growing at conception and has continued to grow by leaps and bounds every year of his life.

After a pretty uneventful pregnancy I ended up going a week over due. 21 hours of hard, intense labor with an epidural that wasn’t effective and 3 hours of exhausting pushing my 9 pounds 2 ounce baby boy loaded with hair was born.

I still remember it like it was yesterday. There was something special about him from the start. A connection. I don’t know if its just a first born thing, but he just really was my angel.

He has changed me, forced me to grow up, become a better person, work harder, be a better wife, and fall in love with life all over again.

Since the birth of my second beautiful son 6 months ago the special time I had with my oldest son has been decreased, as you can imagine. My time is split between my sweet boys, but I have been able to get into a groove lately and things are getting easier to juggle.

Today I had plans to get my haircut and do some “only mommy” shopping to enjoy some peace and quiet. My husband had the day off and had agreed to let me sleep in and do whatever I needed or wanted!

But, my original plans for the day just didn’t sound as appealing as they had the night before. What I really wanted to do was have a date day with my three year old. I invited my energetic, mussed up hair, PJ wearing little boy if he’d like to go on a special trip to the mall to pick up pictures, grab something to eat, and pick up his birthday fishy.

As you can imagine his answer was yes. We hit the cold wet road and were off for a special date with mommy. He was fascinated by the rain drops on the windows and the rain puddles on the ground when we arrived at the mall.

We splashed in the small puddles as he held out his hand to feel the rain drops. I took it all in. His wonder over something I take for granted everyday. I reveled in his innocence. It brought tears to my eyes to see the world through his.

Once inside the mall we skipped down the isles, looked at the big balloons, the water, and stores until we got to the stores we needed to go into. He was such a well behaved big boy the entire time and exuded happiness…as did I.

Instead of leaving right away I bought him a small bag of fresh popped pop corn, a little “pop bottle” of Jelly Beans, and purchased a bottled water for us to share. We picked a spot on the steps in front of the giant balloons and the water and watched the other kids run around and play.

He was very contended to sit down and eat his food while the other kids ran around like wild dogs. hehe The smell of the pop corn and the lure of the Jelly Beans were a strong temptation for me, but I resisted and sucked on my water.

Awhile later we “packed up” and walked our way out of the mall. After a quick side-step of a toy car ride we were back outside soaking up the rain on our heads and hands and splashing in puddles.

Just a hop, skip, and a jump down the road my son and I headed into the pet shop to pick out his Beta Fish. After about 20 minutes of looking at bunnies, birds, hamsters, gerbils, ferrets, snakes, lizards, and fish we found the Betas. So many to choose from and all looked vibrant and healthy. I gave him the option of a beautiful blue Beta or an equally beautiful red one and he chose the red Beta.

He held the bag like he had just bagged liquid gold and cheesy-smiled the whole way back to the car. He named the fishy “Fire Ball” partly because of his red color and partly because he loves fire ball candies 😉 It was a peaceful ride home with a tired bubba in the back seat and a contented mama in the front.

Today was such a special day with my first born and I’ll remember it always. I do love my second born as much…I don’t want anyone to misread this post as me loving my first more…I just missed our special times and am glad we had that time to reconnect.

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  1. Sounds like a great date time. I feel this guilt too and is the reason why I like taking Madisyn to the gym but now that Lyndsee is older she doesn’t understand why Big Sissy gets to go and she don’t get to go with mommy. The tears just break my heart so I quit taking them separate anymore.

    So with that said… get all the date times in now while Zanie poo is a baby and doesn’t recognize that big brother gets to go with mommy :).

  2. I don’t bend as easily as you, Jen. LOL I’ll still have date time … just will make sure each boy gets a special day with Mommy each month. 🙂

  3. What a wonderful day you two had together! I can’t wait till Joey is old enough to be able to do things like that with!!

  4. It’s amazing to experience the unique relationship with each child. Just when you think you could never experience such powerful love — you find that love just expands and accomodates.

    I know just how you feel Nell. Being a Mom of 4 — it’s really difficult to get alone time with any of them. And especially with a nursling — pretty much impossible.

    I’ve been struck lately with the reality that my son (almost 16!) will most likely only live with us for a few more years 🙁

    Being a Mom is heart wrenching — and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

    It sounds like a terrific day.

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