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stepping into the supernatural

The Holy Spirit is always with us. He lives within us. We are His temple. He’s there to give us wisdom and revelation knowledge. He’s there for when we need to speak in tongues to our Father and need Holy Spirit to take over the prayer. He’s there to give us the power we need to heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out devils. He’s always there.

And then there are those times when His presence manifests upon our bodies. These are the times when His power is so strong that we will fall over, or feel hot and tingling, or feel a heavy presence upon our bodies. He can also manifest in holy laughter – a joy unspeakable that causes us to laugh. I experienced that one time a couple of years ago after being prayed for. I’ll never forget that level of joy. It was incredible. I imagine I’ll be so filled up with joy in heaven that I’ll laugh like that every day. As will my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Last night was one of those nights where His Presence manifested into the physical, I felt Him bring a warmth over my body, a tingling that went from my hands to my head and then over my entire body. The warmth began to grow hotter and hotter until it almost burned. This happened at an Andrew Wommack meeting after a large crowd of believers went forward to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The entire congregation of around a thousand people all began speaking in tongues together. Shortly thereafter, Andrew prayed for the entire group of people for healing – one group prayer where we stood together, hands lifted, receiving the healing God had for us. Because I’d already received a healing prayer from Andrew before the meeting took place, I decided to stand for my son, who is also battling Lyme disease.


This wasn’t the first time I’d felt His presence manifest in this way. But it was the first time it happened in a group setting. Christianity isn’t about experiences, it’s about faith, believing in what you cannot see, or touch, or taste, or smell. But when you do have an experience with God, it’s very special, and stays with you. It’s this precious little gift that God gave specifically to you for whatever reason. Hold onto it. Write it down and refer back to it when you are walking through the desert, when you’re in the valley, when you’re battling something hard. Treasure it. Realize that our great God doesn’t have to give you any kind of experience but does because He loves you and wants to make Himself even more known to you, even more real to you, to have a “conversation” with you through visions and hearing Him and feeling Him.

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