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Such Ease

There’s something so easy and natural about me and my oldest. We are kindred spirits and know each other so well. He is one of the sweetest boy’s you’ll ever meet and anyone who meets him says the same thing. Such a caring, kind, polite sweet spirit he is.

We’ve shared this special bond since before he was born. And forget about it when I laid my eyes on him…there was no turning back.

So when he was experiencing problems with his speech, and other skills most children have, I knew something was wrong… even when others were telling me just let him grow up a bit more. I knew that something wasn’t right. After some internal battles I got him help.

Tuesday night I had a meeting with his teachers/therapists to go over his progress for this year. I’m proud to report nothing but a glowing report from everyone. They all mentioned the same things I did earlier in this post about his sweetness personality. His speech therapist mentioned that most of the work she has for him he already knows.

His teacher said he gets along great with everyone, has a great imagination, learns things quickly and is always a pleasure to have in her classroom. That she sees no reason why he won’t flourish in Kindergarten next year.

I see such greatness for this child.


Pictured above at McDonald’s play land yesterday during our special “boy/girl trip” (as he called it).

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  1. No way he can be going to kindergarden. Thank goodness I had Lyndsee in October so she can stay home another year with me LOL. Same with you with Zanie poo.

    WTG Nicky… I’m so proud of the young man you are and doing so great in school!!!

  2. Oh, this post is perfect timing! My oldest bug is 4, too, and just today we had his speech evaluation. I was a nervous wreck, trying to figure out where I went wrong. Blamed myself, etc.
    With my son, there has been a comment or two regarding his behavior. Google it, and there is a relation between speech and behavior, of course.

    I am so happy for you all that there was a good report! I’m sure that’s a great feeling for you. 🙂

  3. Oh he is so cute and how exciting about kindergarten next year! Also, I noticed your comment on Steph’s blog-you can get the socks with tennis shoes for little boys. I found some at babies r us. The tennis shoes come in different colors-almost as cute as Ivy’s little dressy shoes 🙂

    Miches last blog post..mysqlerror

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