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Sunday Glorious Sunday

It’s not been easy recently. Dash and I have both been fighting hard for our health. And fighting hard means we have been herxing hard. Herxing is when your symptoms get worse because you’re killing the bacteria off at rapid fire pace. So, its a mixed bag of bittersweetness. We may be killing the bacteria but doing so means we’re down for the count too.

But today.

Today I woke up feeling good enough to do the day right. I got the kids and myself ready for church. Its a new church for us. The first time for the kids, my second time. Everyone there was so nice to us. It was genuine too, not an act to get people into the church. You could tell it was sincere. The kids went to their classes. I worried through the whole service about them. How was Dash doing? How were the olders doing? Did they like it? Were they being obedient and good?

They loved it.

And they were good.

What a relief. I think we’ve found our new church home. The church is smaller than what we’re used to. I like that. The church is much more grace/faith based, God is good all of the time, God doesn’t make you sick, Holy Spirit rocks, let’s go out and pray for, and see people healed, kind of church. Right up my alley.

After church I treated the kiddos to McDonald’s for lunch. We ate inside and had ice cream cones. It was nice spending time with them. They were good at church and good at lunch. Which made it easier on me and my tired sick body. I made the last minute decision to take them to a small park to play for awhile after lunch. We played and laughed and had fun pretending to order food from Zane’s food bar. We then drove around through neighborhoods we want to look for houses in when we’re ready to move and then headed home.

It was a good day with my children. I am thankful for the good day with my health. I know that tomorrow will probably be back to feeling shitty because that’s the trend with this disease – feel good one day, feel shitty the next, but I’m learning to make the best out of my good days, and rest up on my bad ones.

I keep telling myself Dash and I will be healed one day. I think I’ve almost got myself convinced its true.


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