Sweatin’ Pretty

One of the perks to Texas is the flat ground. This is a perk for me because I can’t do big hills very well when “working out”. My muscles are still very weak from Lyme disease. And even though I’m increasing in energy, but muscles are not increasing in strength. I have a great bike sitting in the garage because I simply don’t have the muscle strength to ride it in my neighborhood. In Texas I’m banking on all of that to change. I’m looking forward to walking and riding the neighborhood with my kids. And maybe, just maybe, my husband will treat me to a tread mill, if we have room for it, for those ‘way-too-hot-Texas-days’.

I’m a big girl, ladies. There’s no way around it, I’m big. I’ve gained over 50 pounds in two years from the medicine I was on, hormone imbalances, and inactivity. I’m not setting out to lose that 50 pounds over night. I know that isn’t reasonable. I just want to increase in strength and lose about 25 pounds.

For those of you who gained weight due to health problems, do you have any tips for how you took the weight off?

In addition to losing the weight, finding something flattering, appropriate, and cool to work out in can be pretty difficult to do. I don’t know about you, but it seems next to impossible to find something nice to work out in as a plus sized lady. After looking around I found an outfit option I think I like. What do you think of it?


These shorts from Forever21


This top from Old Navy.


These shoes from Payless.


This hat from Forever21.

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