11902312_10206517079822279_2430581814974792365_nI spent an hour at my in-laws today after leaving Kristen from our lunch date. We caught up a bit while the kids ate lunch. After coming home from their house, the kids and I took a family walk, barefoot. The two older boys rode their bikes far ahead of me and Dash. Dash rode his scooter, while I walked, snapping pictures.

11902480_10206517080142287_1768303149155671596_nI could drink it all in. These are the times of my life. I will look back and not remember the stress, and noise, and overwhelm – I will remember the joy, the fun, the love. I will miss these days. I will remember these days at the end of my life.

11870892_10206513169604526_1674068851026155352_nThe boys toad hunting, and building toad habitats, and capturing lizards, and jumping in and out of the pool over and over again. The sleep overs in the living room, and the Lego creations, and little Lego’s I step on, ALL of it will linger in my mind and on my heart. Because I’ve been blessed to raise these boys, I continue to purpose living more in each moment, with each son, and live up, soak it up, all of it.





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