As I work to instill the character of caring little boys, I’m reminded of how my own actions and character are really what shape theirs. My actions. My words. My heart.

I’ve never had to tell my son to say thank you or please or no thank you. He simply learned to be polite from my own daily use of those words.

I often ponder what’s really important to me as I raise these children up to be strong men. What do I hope they become? What are the traits I hope to see in them?

Overall, I hope they have a sensitive heart, caring soul and determination to not only live in the now, but to also realize how they can make this world they live in a better place.

This week’s Tackle it Tuesday (by 5 Minutes for Mom) for me is about being the example for my boys and getting them involved in helping others even at such a young age.

We’re going through two huge bins of baby and toddler clothing in order to find the best unstained clothes so that we may bless Mothers and Children.

Mothers much like me. Mothers who love their little ones. Mothers who want more for their children. Mothers who would do anything to make their lives better for the sake of their flesh and blood cuties. Mothers that fell into an abusive relationship somehow and are now breaking free.

It’s the least we can do and yet it’s still powerful. I get to feed that part of me that desperately wants to make the world a better place and teach my children about the joy of giving and caring for others…while at the same time being able to improve the lives of these Mothers and Children even in such a small way.

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  1. Love the new look here, the colors are great, etc. What a great post. It really made me stop and think. It reminded me how my own actions speak louder than words sometimes. My son mirrors the things he sees me do. Like you every once in awhile Caleb and I will go through his toys, etc to find things we can give away. It feels good being able to bless others but it feels even better teaching Caleb to give.

    Tishia Lee’s last blog post..Move Over Low Self-Esteem, Hello Hot Mama

  2. Nice blog! I love your banner and the great colors and great overall look. I love to think about the people that will recieve our giveaways, I pray for them and picture the smile on their face when they find that special “find.” It’s clear how much you are enjoying giving and blessing your kids by teaching them too. Have a great week!

    Audra Krell’s last blog post..Tackle it Tuesday (Great tackle!)

  3. That’s a great tackle. You know what’s funny? Everytime I have extra clothes and want to bless someone I can’t think of anyone that is in more need then us lol. So Goodwill gets them. I would love to bless a single Mom or something like that. There aren’t any shelters right where I live so they go to charity or thrift stores. Great post~

    Kim’s last blog post..Great Giveaway!

  4. Great tackle with a great lesson! I often make my boys clean out old toys and clothing. We then tell them that we are going to bless someone else because someone blessed us. My oldest decided that since he was giving away some toys that God should bless him with more. I told him that yes, eventually he would get more toys. Not two days later our neighbor knocked on the door with a bagful of toys! The Lord honors the faith of our little ones 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Mrs. Querido’s last blog post..Tackle it Tuesday…Pantry Perfection!

  5. Good for you. (Nice to meet ya by the way) I have tried to do this with my daughter. Sometimes she does a great job of giving toys and sometimes it’s hard. One time we went to the grocery store & she picked out a really yummy snack. I had gotten food to donate and she actually added her yummy snack that she was so excited about to the donation pile. My heart swelled up so big.

    Heidi’s last blog post..Why I will always be stinky

  6. What a great tackle! Did you save any favorites for the new little one? (or are you starting over?) When I first scanned your post and saw the picture, I thought you were going to say you were tackling your laundry, as that is what mine looks like at the moment… LOL

    Christine’s last blog post..Bobbing for Apples

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