Take Me To The Beach

Nick spent the night with his grandparents Friday evening so I just had the younger two kiddos with me Saturday. Being that the weather was amazing and I felt good, we decided to get out of the house. We had no plan. It just unfolded organically.

We started at Hobby Lobby and then moved onto the beach and park.


What I Want To Remember:

When arriving at the lake, both Zane and Dash were so excited to go see the “Mallards” in the lake. They took off down the hill running toward all the beautiful boy Mallards in the water. Surprisingly, it didn’t scar the birds off so the kids were able to see them up close.

Both Dash and Zane followed the birds that ventured up on the grass, calling after them, waving, saying Hi Mallards. It was so adorable.


What I Want To Remember:

After a few minutes with the ducks, we took off for the beach. What a beautiful beach Little Elm is. So clean, soft sand, nice nice lake beach. Nicest I’ve ever been to. There weren’t too many people there, so pretty much had it to ourselves.

The boys stripped off their socks and shoes and ran through the sand, giggling, laughing, so happy, running toward the water, where they dipped their feet into the water. They both wanted to swim, even though it wasn’t warm water. Apparently they think we live in Florida.




We played for a few minutes before moving onto the rest of the park, where they played in the amphitheater, and the kids playground.


What I Want To Remember:

The boys jumping up and down and up and down over and over again. I’m so glad I was able to snap this picture real quick. The joy on their faces I’ll never forget now.

I absolutely adore my boys. These memories will carry me through my older years when they are grown and gone. I picture myself reading through this blog, that dates back to 2007, with happy tears, remembering the best time of my life gone by. Shoot, I’m already weepy thinking about it.


Things I Want To Remember:

The boys wanted McDonald’s but I somehow talked them into eating at a local cafe. Oh yes, I recall why – I promised them ice cream. A little bribery never hurt no one.

We stopped at the Starwood cafe on highway 380 for lunch. The boys both ordered breakfast items. Dash ordered pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Zane ordered oreo cook pancakes. I was the lone lunch eater at the table. How boring is that?

We talked and colored and loved our meal. I let Zane go to wash his hands alone. He was so proud of himself, being able to do something like that alone. The bathroom was right near our booth. Little did he know, I had my eye on him the whole time. He makes me smile.


We ended the day with ice cream cones at Sonic. What a wonderful day with my babies. Oh, I lie… we ended our day at church. I nearly forgot! Dash got to go in Zane’s class for the first time. And he LOVED it! They both couldn’t stop talking about Jesus and God and heaven on the way home. And y’all, when they got home, they both asked how they can get to heaven —- so we prayed the prayer and they smiled and were so happy they’d get to go to heaven now. My kids are seriously the best. I love them so deeply.


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