Every day my husband is home from work we do something together. We often go to lunch, or breakfast, and then run errands together. Sometimes we take a walk together, often we sit outside on our southern style font porch and talk. Sometimes there are things around the house we need to get done. Often we go out to lunch with my in-laws, or swing by their home.


Texas has been good for fostering togetherness as a couple, as a family, and as an extended family. So what’s changed from Missouri to Texas? Our amazing neighborhood. One I’d never seen in the part of Missouri we lived. The weather. I’ve found that in my short time in Texas a few months out of the year is crazy hot, one month or less it’s cold and snowy/icey, so that leaves about 8 months of weather nice enough to be outdoors, in nature, enjoying the warmth. It’s funny, locals have told me the winter was bad this year. If they consider a month of cold weather bad, then I’m gonna love a typical Texas winter! And  finally the flat ground. It allows the kids to ride their bikes easily, which gets us all out of the house, exploring the neighborhood. Nearly every evening, when weather permits, we’re out riding bikes. Shoot, even Adam and I have gotten on our bikes and joined the kids on a ride.


It was like pulling teeth to get my husband to walk with us in our old Missouri neighborhood. We rarely sat outside soaking in the weather and conversation together. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against Missouri. There are beautiful aspects of Missouri I miss. But this family bonding that’s happened since moving here due to the sheer amount of time we spend together is far more important than the pretty rolling hills of Missouri.


I walk the kids to school in the morning. What a treat! We pass neighbors and exchange our good mornings. The crossing guard is so sweet and always wishes us a good day. We walk to the ponds and pass the kids classmates along the way. We search for the turtles sunning themselves on the rocks, and chase the ducks into the water. We walk the trails, and side walks, and play at the plentiful amount of parks. Then there’s fishing, swimming at the water park, sliding down the water slides, playing baseball at the diamond, riding bikes, waving at friends, and walking to my in-laws for dinner or lunch or just because. And this is all just in our neighborhood. Venture out and there’s plenty to do, including a really nice lake and lake beach and trail around the lake. And a really great church, best one I’ve ever been to. Lots of shopping and so much more to explore we haven’t even gotten around to yet.

I’m not going to say Texas is the perfect place for us. Who knows what other amazing places are out there just waiting to be discovered by us. Having said that, in our several months here, I can say it’s pretty darn close to perfect. Minus all the traffic of course. Oh god, all the traffic. And all the people. But surprisingly, we’ve adjusted quite well from living out in the country in Missouri to a bustling city in Texas.

I’m looking forward to exploring lots more of Texas in the coming years. Gotta squeeze in as much with my kids before they grow up and leave as possible. So much beauty to be had here! And so much more family togetherness to enjoy.

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