So, I got locked out of my house today. Leave it to me to lock myself out of the house while taking the trash out. Apparently, my garage door was somehow locked when I shut the door. I don’t have a spare key outside any where, nor did I have anyone available to come rescue me quickly. Barefoot, I walked to the school, told them of my ordeal, and basically begged them to help me. I ended up waiting two hours for a lock smith.

While waiting, I had the opportunity to talk with a mother of two children that go to my kids school. She had broken English and there were times I could tell she didn’t know what I was saying, but for the most part we communicated well, and it was nice to chat with someone in the area. I had lunch with Dash. He was so surprised to see me. His eyes got really big and a huge onery smile overcame his face. I bought him a chocolate milk to go with his packed lunch. We talked and giggled and hugged goodbye.

I spotted Nick, my oldest, with his friends. It was neat watching him at the table with his pals without him knowing I was watching him. He was confident and laughing. Smiling big and so happy. It made my heart want to burst. I walked over to him and said, hi. It took him a moment to recognize me, and as soon as he did, his smile left, he was super embarrassed that I was there. So I bought him a milk and frozen ice desert and left, as not to humiliate him any further.

On my way back home, I ran into the mother I talked to earlier that day. Turns out she is my neighbor! Small world. The lock smith came shortly thereafter and got me back into my house. I got back to cleaning and went on through my day as normal.

When Dash got home he showed me his painting and sang “Da na na na. na na. na na. can’t touch this.” to which I laughed hard and good.


We ate chicken strips and fries tonight but topped it with V8 juice, so that makes it healthy right? Actually, no. I know none of that is truly that good for you, but I didn’t have time to prep anything for dinner since I was, oh, locked out!

Kids took baths and showers. Got all jammied up and are watching cartoons as I write this. I love this time of the day. Dinner done, house cleaned up, chores done, kids bathed and smelling fresh, and everything is quiet and peaceful.

Bedtime stories next, then happy sweet dreams for us all.

On an unrelated note:

Zane caught his first fish ever yesterday. He’s been fishing several times, basically begging the fish to bite. So this was a big happy deal!


He also asked me to make him a God necklace so everyone at school could know he loves Jesus. This kid is a special little guy.


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