Adam went back to work today from having time off for his surgery and vacation time. And I miss him like crazy. It’s always hard when he goes back to work from having any extended time off. We all miss him. It’s just not the same without him at home with us all the time. He works hard to provide a good life for me and the kids and that comes with sacrifice. That sacrifice is that, especially during the school year, the kids don’t get to see him a lot – and neither do I.

See, in sales, you work evenings and weekends. The nice thing about the summer break, though, is that the kids are home when he is off during the week. Which is wonderful for family time. As I write this, I’m tearing up. This man is my everything and, gosh, I just really miss him so much. He loves what he does. He works for a great company. I just wish the hours and days could be changed to be a bit more family friendly. But until he retires, which is a very long time away, this is likely how it’ll go. So we’ll just be super thankful for the days we do get with him and treasure the vacation time he gets.

I’m honored to call this man the father of my children and my husband. He’s always had a great work ethic, and has always been an excellent provider. From the days we struggled to pay bills, with him working two jobs, to now – when things are easier financially, but he still has to carry a huge financial burden to keep a roof over our head – he has been a great, responsible, selfless provider.

He’s allowed me to stay home with the kids since my oldest was just 6 months old. And, although I’ve always worked from home in some capacity, he has never made me feel like I need to work more, or even outside the home, to help make ends meet. And when there have been times when I needed to quit working completely, he has supported my decisions and hasn’t made me feel like less of a person for those times of not working at all.

I love this man so much more than the words I can bring forth from my heart. And I pray he can walk through the diagnosis of cancer as unscathed as possible. I hope he knows how loved he is. I hope he knows how respected and cared for he is. And what a great father to our children he is. He is not without his faults. We all have them. He is just a man, after all. But this man is the best man I know.

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