I anxiously awaited the arrival of my three children yesterday. They’d been on vacation all week at the beach. Seven days is a very long time to be away from your children. And though there were great memories made with my husband, and a lot of yummy food eaten, and peaceful late night swims taken, I can honestly say I missed the mayhem of all three boys at home with me.


My Father-in-Law kept texting me updates throughout the day. The kids were ready to be home. That made me feel good. They missed us! Even with all the fun they experienced last week, they still missed us. Gosh, when they leave the nest for good I think I’ll have a good long cry – for, like, months. Soaking up memories while they live under my roof is my plan, for sure.


Dash greeted me first. I loved on him, then came Zane, and then Nick. They were full of stories and showing us their Lego’s their grandparents purchased for them for the long drive home. They were so sweet, quiet, and loving. Even with one another. You know what this past week taught me? They really aren’t that “bad” – bad isn’t the right word but my Lyme brain isn’t working well tonight. I guess what I’m trying to say, is that weeks of having them with me 24/7 since school let out, with fighting, and tattling, what felt like all the time, skewed my view of them. I felt like my kids were the only ones who fought so much. But really, they’ve been great! Some fighting and tattling but perspective is what I gleaned from this vacation. I have great kids! They are normal and they fight but golly are they amazing.


We snuggled together on the living room couches watching a movie. Dash with Daddy and the other two with me. It never felt so good to be squished on a couch with my two growing boys in my arms. After the movie we took a walk around the block a couple of times hunting toads. We hit the toad mother-load – the boys were giggling and running to catch them all. It was a sweet, pure moment of childhood. I think I enjoyed it as much as my boys.


All is right with the world now that my babies are back in my arms.

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