The Clouds Parted

It’s been an unseasonably cold fall. A fall full of cold days, rain and clouds. This season is typically my favorite and I’ve felt a sadness wash over me because I’ve been unable to enjoy it to the fullest.

But today, today was different.

And we got out. We enjoyed it. It was captured.

Captured in my heart, in our minds and on camera.

First we tried the train track.

The baby kept putting rocks in his mouth, Zane would never look at me and Nick was growing very impatient of this torture I was subjecting him to.

So then we moved to the river. Not so carefully we tromped through the muddy earth to make our way to the mighty Missouri river.

I captured brotherly love at its finest.

And because everyone was in a good mood by the river I attempted a threesome where they’d all be smiling beautifully at my camera at the same time.

What was I thinking? That’s nearly impossible. And sometimes the candid shots are so much more beautiful.

And last but not least, my favorite capture of the day.

This is what I get when I ask, “okay boys, smile at me”.

Oh my heart, what a beautiful day with a beautiful family and beautiful memories now captured for a lifetime.

Moments captured with my Nikon D40.

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  1. great pictures nell! I love the pictures with the boys holding hands – that is so sweet!

    And you are right, it has been so cold already this fall and really rainy too! I’m glad you got to get out and enjoy the day.
    .-= ~kris~´s last blog ..Tutus and Toupees =-.

  2. What adorable photos! I spent one day trying to capture a photo of three under 5 and it took me 3 hours of them all at the park to get one smiling looking at the camera arent we happy photo haha

  3. I randomly found your blog today and your post caught my attention because the first paragraph sounds pretty much like the one at my place today. I’m in SE Virginia and the weather has been terrible. One of my readers in in Kansas and says its horrible there, too. I’m glad that you found a little patch of sunshine in which to bask and capture such wonderful shots…and memories
    .-= Cynthia @Running With Letters´s last blog ..This Is So Not the October I Signed Up For =-.

  4. Oh, so lovely. What great photos. I too have been fighting the non-cooperative toddler and baby photo shoots. But I think even in there non-perfection the photos say so much more and are so wonderful. I love the shot of the two older ones holding hands. Makes me excited to see my boys do this when they are older.
    .-= Pepper (Another Zane Mommy)´s last blog ..I ♥ Faces: Little Pink Cheeks =-.

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