We’re considering moving to The Colony, Texas when we move to Texas. It’s really between Frisco, Plano, and The Colony. Adam’s job will be in The Colony, so it would make sense to move there. But beyond that, it is an amazing community of fun things to do with family.

Their homes are in our price range, their dues aren’t insanely expensive, and it just looks plain fun to live there. We will be making our decision in a few months when we go to visit and look around these city’s to get a better feel for everything. But I tell you what, living near a lake, a water park, and all the other goodies The Colony has to offer sounds really neat to me.

Here’s a video of The Colony, Texas.

The homes are beautiful there just like in Plano and Frisco. Texas really does have amazing homes for the price. Here’s a few pictures of one of the Colony homes I have my eye on. Not that it’ll be available when we move, mostly likely it’ll be gone by then, but I’m sure we could find another one like it.






In the end, I’m sure we’ll end up where God wants us. I’m just praying God wants us in The Colony.

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