The Good Old Days: Moving In


Micah helped move us in. We rented a u-haul. My father-in-law now (at the time we weren’t married. tsk tsk) brought us pizza for dinner. It was a long day but so very exciting. I was sad to leave my parents home. The first night in the apartment was odd. I didn’t feel at home. I was happy to be with Adam, starting this new adventure, but I was very home-sick.


The Bicycle Club Apartments was the coolest experience for us. We had unreal amounts of fun living together. We sled down the huge hill in the backyard, and walked Jackson nearly every night through the neighborhood, sometimes stopping in the tennis courts to let him off his leash. We lived on the 3rd floor. We shopped at the Hen House and lugged groceries up three flights of stairs. We didn’t have a carport so we had to scrape snow and ice and run from the car to the apartment in the rain. It was such a fun time in our lives. I sometimes miss apartment living.


6We absolutely treasure that precious time in our lives together. I’ll never forget the special moments had in that apartment. It was a very nice little place to spend our beginning years together.

We drove back to the apartments a couple years ago with the kids in the backseat and parked out in front of our old building. Before I could even think, or blink, I was bawling. It came from no where and took over. I realized what a glorious time in my life that was and how bittersweet it is that its over.

Thank you Bicycle Club Apartments for ushering Adam and I into our adult life together.

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