We were so young. It was so long ago. I barely have memories of the day. I have to dig deep to find them. But they are there. Tucked deep in my heart. Where they belong. If I really let myself “go there”, I could cry from happiness, thinking back over the “good old days”.

My dad had a friend who had a sea doo. He let us borrow it for the day. The one thing I can say about my dad, he often had access to fun things to do, and did fun things with, and for, his kids.

It took awhile for Adam to back the sea doo into the water. It was so funny. If I remember correctly, we gassed up first, and hit the lake. Smithville lake, in Missouri. It’s a decent sized lake, perfect for sea doos. There wasn’t much boat traffic so we had a good open lake to ourselves.


We drove together and also took turns. There was a little beach area, not really a beach, but beach enough to get off the sea doo, and swim up to land. Adam threw us off the sea doo at least once. He got a kick out of that.


The weather was perfect. Not too hot, not too cold. Just right. But really, it could have been raining and cold and we’d still have had fun together.



We had a great day on the lake that day so long ago. I’m so happy I took these pictures. They help me hold onto that precious day, just he and I. I treasure that time in our lives together.

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