These middle years are wondrous years indeed.

I’m past the days of diapers and bottles and sleepless nights, yet far from days of teenage angst and peer groups and driving cars.

I’m right here in the middle, where the living is easier and the living is good.

My children are old enough to do things for themselves yet not too old to still adore their mommy, which they still call me. And although I do still have to break up fights between brothers, and help them bathe, cook them dinners, and lay their clothes out – they don’t need me like they did as babies. I get to enjoy my children with much less of the sleepless, fatigued, oh-so-overwhelmed assistance from mommy they used to need.

Now its much less about the doing and more about the enjoying and teaching. It’s less about wiping bums and picking up fallen toddlers with scraped knees and more about explaining bible stories and teaching how to forgive and showing up emotionally for my kids.

Some of us mothers seem to have specialties within our motherhood ministries. Some of us excel at the baby years. Some of us love the sleepless nights, and toddlers clinging to our legs. Some of us revel in the teen years. Really! Some of us actually do. And there’s those of us who greatly enjoy these middle years.

I’m a middle years momma.

Watching my boys grow closer to manhood, nothing quite like it.

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