This mothering thing we do is a ministry, our ultimate calling, sacred and holy.

But, it can be hard. Real hard.

Some days we might feel like throwing in the towel. Breaking up fights, wiping bums, throwing our own temper tantrums, pure exhaustion, feeling like no one appreciates us. It’s hard.

Just because we’ve been called to the ultimate ministry doesn’t mean it’ll come easy to us, or always be a delight.

But it’s when we’re in the trenches, the days when we fight tooth and nail to be kind to our talking-back-to-us-children, that heaven rejoices the most. The days when we change multiple diapers, and get spit up on, and console a crying baby, that God smiles upon us hard and big. We’re raising the future, one day at a time. Sometimes, one moment at a time. And every single in-the-heat-of-the-moment-win is a win for our children’s futures.

Oh friend, beloved of God, I pray that you know what you’re doing is God’s work. Do you know what you’re doing is of utmost importance? Do you know that every mundane day, every sleepless night, every angry child lashing out at you, builds the ministry that you’ve been called to? And do you also know that on the days you feel like quitting this thing called motherhood, running to your bathroom, and locking the door, but resist those feelings, and stay in the moment with your child, you’re building a legacy for your children? And did you know that the days you give into your tired flesh, and do lock the bathroom door and cry, grace steps in where you stepped out?


I remember the early years of parenting my three boys. Man were they difficult. These middle years feel like absolute bliss. Not that its an easy road to walk. I break up fights and beg them to share and be nice to one another and pray hard for their futures and worry about them when they are in school all day and homework sucks… but these middle years are quite wonderful. And easy compared to the early years of infancy, and toddlerhood, and the preschool stage.

I didn’t sleep much, baby on hip, toddler running around getting into everything. Nursing, preparing meals, changing diapers, sleepless nights, crying, constantly with my children, feeling like I should be doing more in life, missing my friends, and wanting more than anything to just have five minutes of quiet time, alone. It was hard work and never ever felt like it was going to end, but oh beloved, how many seeds I sowed in those early years. Seeds that were planted and watered and will grow into fruit as they age.

Motherhood is the ultimate ministry. You may want more, you may be in the place I was in years ago, where I thought my life counted for more than “just motherhood“. If you are, just know that, yes, you could very well have another calling on your life in addition to mothering, but mothering is your most important calling, the calling that will sow the most seeds. You’re legacy building, you’re shaping lives, and have the potential of changing the world with your mothering. I give you permission to let go of the world’s notions of what you should be doing in your life, and to embrace God’s calling on your life of mothering your babies, kids, and teens. It’s your most important, ground shaking, life changing work.

What you do matters. Every day, every moment you’re in the trenches with your babies, matters. Matters deeply, and truly, and forever. The weight, the gravity of your daily choices in your parenting, impact the future, your children’s futures, wow, what an immense responsibility God gifted to us as mothers. What a gift.

So stand tall, head held high, baby spit up on your t-shirt, this is your life’s calling, your full time career, your best job ever.

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