I’ve been ‘down’ sick for the past few days. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. Brain fog, general feeling of being unwell, and as though my body was fighting an infection.

Luckily I decided to see my chiropractor for nutritional testing Friday. In the process of checking on allergies, intolerance’s, problems with my body; he discovered that I’m fighting a sinus infection.

Now that I trace my symptoms back, I believe I’ve been dealing with this for months and no one ever caught it. I wasn’t really presenting with some of the typical symptoms until the recent days.

I decided to take the herbal remedy he offers, but decided today that I’d be going in to the doctor Monday for an antibiotic. If I have been suffering with this for months, and since I’m having symptoms of it in my head (pressure/water rushing in my head and brain fog), I know I need to kick this out of my system soon.

Though I hate the thought of antibiotics in my system, I am happy to know I have cut my overgrowth of yeast! Awesome news. I’ll just need to take an antifungal during and after the antibiotics, and load my gut with good bacteria, so this antibiotic doesn’t undo all my healing.

So because I’ve all but been down for the count, and haven’t had anything interesting to blog about — or even a brain cell left to use — I’ve dug through my video archives and found this super sweet video to share.

Mr. Nicky and baby Dash on day one of his birth. :–) I almost can’t believe this was taken only one year ago, the baby has changed so much. Even my sweet little Nicker-bocker has grown so much!

The excitement in my voice makes me smile. Oh that precious baby high!

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  1. Get well soon!
    I know you don’t like antibiotics, but fortunately you know how to treat your body when an antibiotic is needed. I am still sick, but MUCH better now that I’ve been on one. (zithromax; I’m allergic to penicillin).
    The nasal spray has also really helped, except now I’m coughing the nasty stuff up. Better out than in, right?
    I had been waiting this thing off the dr for about 2 weeks, and finally figured enough. So I went yesterday, as you know, and I;m glad I did.

    I hope you’re feeling yourself again soon! Hang in there.
    .-= Sharon´s last blog ..The Great Pretender =-.

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