I’ve been waiting for the moment I’d feel kicks from this baby. I’ve felt infrequent feelings of the baby switching positions or stretching/small movements but no real kicks or strong movements.

Apparently this baby loves carrots, ranch dip and water because after eating my snack in bed I began feeling her (that kept slipping out when I was thinking/talking to the baby…a sign?) or him gently moving her feet and legs about.

I could feel several sweet little kicks against my belly. Little tiny feet and legs that finally made their presence very known. It brought such joy to my heart. I couldn’t stop smiling and speaking to the baby.

I’d take a sip of water and bite of carrot and stop to wait for the feeling again…and the baby didn’t disappoint. And just when I thought the baby was done entertaining me, her/his little body then pushed hard against my left side.

I can just picture the baby’s little bum sticking way up and she/he stretched and pushed against her/his little room that keeps getting tighter and tighter. The tiny little pink bum with very little fat on it right now pushing, pushing, pushing until I saw a huge mound on one side of my tummy.

Such a sweet experience I shared with my third baby.

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  1. Those are the sweetest moments, feeling that tiny new life inside you moving about! I miss those days when baby would stick that little rump up, as if to say, “Rub me, Mommy!” Happy moments indeed. 🙂

    Wendys last blog post..What’s Up?

  2. Awww the baby kicks… aren’t they so exciting?

    My problem was that neither of my girls were very active in the womb, so I was constantly worrying why I didn’t feel enough kicks. It was especially scary near the end when I would go days without feeling anything!!!

    Susan (5 Minutes for Mom)s last blog post..Ya – I am THAT hip…

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