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The Really Real

Some days are harder than others. Some days Nicky does everything he can to hurt Zane’s feelings. And sometimes Zane cries over silly things. And sometimes Dash throws fits like you wouldn’t believe. Frankly, some days mommy throws fits like you wouldn’t believe.

Today was one of those hard days.





There were smiles in the day. We went out to eat at Dairy Queen. We smiled in pictures. But what you don’t see in the pictures in Dash crying because he didn’t want grilled cheese and daddy eating Dash’s meal so it wasn’t wasted while Dash ate my burger. You don’t see Nicky being mean to Zane and Zane purposely annoying Nicky. You don’t see Zane tripping and falling on the concrete and crying hard.

You don’t see an exhausted mommy who took a two hour nap in the middle of the day and was still tired and worn out and just flat out fatigued. You don’t see a daddy who was also tired and just not feeling like himself. You see smiles and happy and silly. And that was part of the night but not all of the night.


I want to look back on my days as a mother on this blog and remember it all, not just see the smiles in the pictures, but remember the real of these days. Because fighting siblings and crying kids and a sick mommy and tired daddy are the real and the real is beautiful. And one day I will miss these tiring, loud, crazy days.

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