The Sweetest Bittersweet Goodbye

Love my family. They are something else. In the best way. My Grandma McGinnis is the sweetest woman you could ever meet. Seriously! I’m not just saying that because she’s my Grandma. I love her to bits and pieces. I have such fond memories of her from my childhood. So happy I got to see her a couple times before moving to Texas. I pray she has many, many more years ahead of her on this earth. Healthy and happy years. But when she does go, heaven will be so much richer with her there!

I got to see my aunt Jeannette for the first time in far too long. She is as sweet as ever. And gives the best hugs. She’s a gentle and sincere woman and reminds me a lot of Grandma. I suppose it could have felt awkward having not seen her in so long but it wasn’t because she was so welcoming and kind and interested in our lives. It really was a pleasure having her over and getting to talk to her face to face.

And then there’s Joy, my cousin. My baby cousin. How funny to say that but she is, like, 12 years younger than me or so. I’m an oldie. Joy, if you’re reading this I hope you know how beautiful you are inside and out. Even having only met you just now in person, I could tell right off the bat what a sweet spirit you have. She’s extremely beautiful, even without makeup (inside joke), and such a sweet momma of her two little ones. I wish I could have seen Jennifer too, her sister, but I hope to see her sometime before life gets too far away from us all.  And Joy’s kids were just precious.

It was a wonderful visit. I’m honored they took the time to drive all the way out here to visit with us tonight. And I’m so thankful that I pushed my body again to handle another goodbye visit. God is good and I’m grateful for these reconnected relationships.

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