This was, by far, our favorite thing to do while in Waco. It was such a neat zoo. It was essentially covered in tall bamboo and trees the whole way through. It felt small, even though it wasn’t, and it helped keep us cool, on a very hot day.

My favorite part was the aquarium. And also the bats were neat too, as I’ve never seen a bat in person before. It was hard to see them, as it was super dark, but I could see them flying back and forth. Pretty interesting.

Also, Adam insisting I take pictures with all the statues was pretty funny.

After the zoo, we took the car back to the hotel and left it so we could walk to grab lunch at a local bar and grill. It looked like it was probably a happening place on the weekends with the locals and college students.

We ended up going to a really neat store after lunch, too. You walked up steep steps to get to it, and once inside, it was a huge boutique with just about everything you could want to buy in it!

We ended up buying a hat and a puzzle and found a really neat walking stick for Nick, which we ended up going back for the next day.

I found a Strawberry Shortcake doll, which brought back happy memories of my childhood.

After the zoo, lunch, and shopping we went back to the hotel and rested in the cool room. We also swam later that day. It was a really fun day!

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