We drove down to the doctor’s office area and had lunch. We shopped. I got some yarn. We picked up Father’s Day cards. After waiting in the car, and then the doctors office, we were called back. After talking about my husband’s surgery, he blurted it out: it is cancer. He then proceeded to talk about oncology appointments, and radiation, and chemo, and then we left the office and my husband cried.

This cancer has a very high survival rate. We aren’t really all that concerned about that – it’s more the treatments, which ones will be best for him, and how bad will they be on him? The stomach nodes are suspicious which is concerning. I never wanted my husband to suffer with any physical disease. I love him so much. It broke my heart to see him upset, scared, sad.

But we, yes WE, will fight his thing together. He won’t fight alone. As much as he wants me there for him, I will be there for him. If he wants me to back off and give him space, I will back off and give him space. I’m there for him in the ways he chooses me to be there for him. I love him more than I can express. Cancer has nothing on our love, on his fighting spirit, and on our God.

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