these marbles

Every time my family and I would go over to my Grandparents I’d ask to play with these…

They were kept in a tall white plastic jug in a closet at my Grandparents. My Grandmother would usually be the one to dig them out for me. As soon as I got my little mitts wrapped around the jug, I’d run out to the attached living room that used to be a garage and dump them out all over the floor.

Often times there’d be a fire going in their wood stove, and my brother would be playing under the long skinny coffee table. My parents and Grandparents would be sitting around on the couch and recliners talking about things only adults would be interested in, and I’d be lost in the marbles.

The colors, the designs, the shiny ones, the dull ones, the big ones with dents, the tiny little bitty red one, and all the sizes in between. Most often I’d lay them out in groups of similar colors or sizes. Sometimes I’d try to shoot them. Sometimes I’d just roll them around under my hand and enjoy their cold hard surfaces.

Now that I’m an adult I know that my Mom played with these very same marbles. I can picture her doing the same things with them as I did. Her little tiny hand shooting them, holding them, rolling them around.

I sit on my comfortable couch, in my warm living room, watching the Golden Girls and smile as I notice my little 5 year old son playing with these marbles in the very same way I did, and his Grandmother did, as children.

ahhh the sweet, sweet memories attached to those simple little glass marbles.

Did you play with marbles as a child?


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  1. Oh my! I played with marbles at my grandparent’s house too. Your post brought back such wonderful memories of my childhood! I think my grandparents had a large wool rug we played on, for hours! I need to get out the marbles for my children.
    Thanks for sharing!

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