The World Around You

How are you? No, really, how ARE you? I hope you’re ok. And I hope you know my art on your social feeds isn’t me making light of what we are all going through. It’s scary and life-changing right now but there’s also still beauty in the world and I hope you find some level of joy when my art comes across your eyes. I know I appreciate the beauty in my feeds. Just know, we’re literally all in this together and I feel you. I’ve never lived through something like this Covid-19 worldwide crisis. Let’s just say, if there was anything like this, it happened when I was too young to remember it. And man guys, it is scary. It really is. I’m much more concerned about the economy and our personal finances being affected in my family but I know there is still the threat of the virus for us, and for everyone, too. I guess I just want to say, life is scary, and fear is there, it’s real, it’s palpable, but we’re in this together, friends.

I know what you’re likely going through because I am going through it too. We should never feel more together than we are right now. So, even though we’re all social-distancing ourselves physically, we shouldn’t emotionally – let’s be there together for one another. In prayer, in conversation, in any way that looks positive and uplifting for you and yours. Let’s not be selfish when we shop. Let’s do what we’re being asked by the US government. Let’s check in on our neighbors, our families, our friends. If we have more than what we need, let’s share it. Let’s not let this opportunity to make this bad thing have a good side pass us by.

One thing I’m personally doing it not adding fearful noise to the mass amount of fearful noise already out there. I’m not passing along update after update or news story after news story that will only lead to more fear and overwhelm. I’m consciously working toward sharing family photo’s vs. sobering stats, artworks that may make you smile vs. fear-inducing stories that do nothing more than make us want to hide and cry. And while knowing what is going on in the world is important, over-saturating ourselves with said stories is. not. healthy.

So, friend, I hope you’ll find joy and beauty in the things I share on social right now and not think it’s me making light of the situation at hand. I feel the pressure of this new reality as much as anyone else. My kids are home from school, like everyone’s kids are. My shopping experience looks like everyone else’s, with bare shelves, and out of stock items. My worry about my husband’s job right now is like many. I just choose to channel my thoughts into the creative side of things, which helps keep my mind calm, and in turn, my body calm.

Much love to you all and know, God is for us, no one can be against us. What is going on is real, and damaging, but God will never leave our sides. He is there, for you, for me, for us all. We just need to reach out to Him, in prayer, in desperation, in gratitude, however that looks for you. He loves us and knew this would happen long before the earth was formed. Nothing is a surprise to Him, so let’s lean on the God who sees it all, knows it all, and is there for us all.

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