There’s so much beauty and learning all around us if we choose to see and accept it into our hearts and minds. There’s so much opportunity to stretch and grow and learn and be inspired for each one of us, if we just see it and receive it.

Equally so, there’s much to be thankful for in our lives. The little things, the big things, the in between things… there’s so much. You’ll read some of the things I’m thankful for below. Some of what has been inspiring me. I’m inspired by so much every day that I couldn’t possibly list it all in one post. I’m sure I’m forgetting something that should be in this list. But God knows my heart and knows how deep my gratitude goes for His beauty which is all around us.

Some of my favorite things I’m loving right now are:

The new Be Still magazine by Kristin Schmucker. Ladies, it’s amazing. The photography, the words, the inspiration, encouragement, and knowledge are just what my soul needed. I look forward to future editions of the magazine and am prayerfully considering submitting an article for the magazine.


As many of you know, I’m back on my healthy living journey. I was on one a few months ago and gave up a month into it, having a lot of pain from Lyme disease, and not seeing the results I’d wanted to, I threw in the towel. I realize I’ll never be rid of pain until Jesus heals me and I may not see the results I want in a month, like I used to see, so I just have to dig in and do it. Mind over matter, right?

One of my favorite treats is a panini from Bella’s Cafe, a local joint with amazing food. Instead of eating the two huge panini’s and large helping of fries and a big coke, I decided to get a panini maker and make them at home. Now I control the portion size, there are no fries with it, and green smoothies instead of cokes. It’s not a daily treat. But sure is a yummy one!


I’m also still loving my new Ryka walking shoes. There’s an easy bounce in my step now and helps me to keep moving and walking daily without as much pain. I have muscle pain and joint pain due to the Lyme disease infection I’m still fighting. Some days the pain is so great I would be hobbling home from my walk. Now with these shoes I’d say the pain went from a 10 down to a 3. Pretty good! Definitely manageable.


I’ve been on a walk down memory lane kick lately looking through old photo albums of my husband and me before we had kids and before I got sick. This picture below is one of my favorites. I was the healthiest I’d ever been. This was a year before I became sick. I was healthy and happy and felt absolutely amazing. And look at that cutie pie next to me? Enjoying a movie together. I’m sure the kids were with my in-laws so we could be alone.

Looking through these pictures make me happy not sad. I enjoy seeing us when we were younger and when life was easier and my body was healthier. I know I’ll get back to that girl again one day. She’ll be older but she’ll also be wiser and a lot more appreciative of the body that is sustaining her life.


I’m also so thankful for comments like this one from a sweet friend, who I will not name here in case she wouldn’t appreciate having her name on the internet.

Beautiful then, beautiful now. God sees that. He hears your prayers. Just have faith and hold onto that hope. You may feel weak, but all I see is strength. I’m blessed to know you. Praying for you, friend.

Truly blessed my heart and produced grateful tears. I love how God can speak through people. Even people you’ve never met face to face!

I’m really enjoying our new counter height marble top dining room table. It technically seats eight, which is great for when my in-laws come over, we just pull the two bar stool chairs over to the table, as they are the same chairs! This and our new trash can, I know I know it’s just a trash can, but it’s the little details that pull everything together, are really making me love my dining room and kitchen again. I just need to do some final touches, like drapes, and new living room furniture. All in due time.


And my youngest sons dirty little feet are so funny and cute!


As for art that is inspiring me, I would have to share the following with you!

The “A woman in lines” series by Kayla Gale of Slow.Season on Instagram is captivating me. Her simple yet profound lines capture my imagination.



She also paints. I love her neutral palettes, which inspired me to work within neutrals too.


Emily Jeffords is an incredible oil painter who focuses on abstract landscapes. My heart is drawn to her work. I get lost in her paintings. I will own one of these beauties one day!



And lastly, because this blog post is getting entirely too long, all the art I’ve been consuming lately inspired me to let myself go and be free in painting. It produced the following paintings.



I hope that you will be inspired or encouraged or learn something amazing this week. I know I will!

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