I’m being seen by a homeopathic practice in Missouri, head up by a wonderful man and woman team who care deeply for their patients. They truly care for the people who walk into their practice and know how to check your body to see which areas are hurting and need help.

I first saw Michael and Christine at the end of August, 2013, at which time I underwent a full body testing process, in which Christine palpitated certain points on my body, checking to see which areas needed assistance from her. They had a machine they used on me as well to check other areas that the palpitation couldn’t check, also using it to verify what the body had told her through palpitation.

I have to say, it was all very fascinating, forcing me out of my traditional medicine comfort zone. This is what you do when you’re desperate for an answer. This is what you do when you haven’t seen a healing with traditional medicine. Most importantly, this is what you do when you know God is telling you to heal your body naturally, and you finally listen, and obey.

See, I’ve known since self-diagnosing a candida overgrowth in 2007, a year before becoming infected with Lyme disease, that the body can heal itself well through the process of natural “medicine”/herbs, and diet (fruits, vegetables, etc). I was able to heal a wide variety of symptoms, none of which my doctors could figure out, gee that sounds familiar doesn’t it, through a strict anti-candida diet. I never felt better.

After three years of traditional medical treatment for Lyme disease, which I don’t thumb my nose at whatsoever, I finally had the courage to, not only remember my previous experiences, but listen to my body, my instincts, and God.

I’m only 13 days into the treatment. I’m just barely scratching the surface here. I am completely new to homeopathy, their methods of testing the body, and treating it/supporting it. I can’t share much of a testimony yet, as its too soon to give details of symptoms melting away, as I’m still in the herxing phase, but I can tell you this feels right. I can tell you I am herxing so I know its working. I can say that this is encouraging me to live a more healthy life, drinking green smoothies, juicing, taking supplements good for my body, drinking a lot of water, and just over all living a healthier life. All of which will help my body recover.

I can’t see in the future. I don’t know if I’ll be completely healed/cured through these methods. I know many many people believe all you can hope for is remission. But I don’t subscribe to that line of thinking. I believe that through God all things are possible. And I believe God is working through natural methods to bring healing. I am believing for a miracle.

Here are the details of my treatment plan.


  • Teasel Root & Frequencies
  • Suma Root & Frequencies
  • Liver & Spleen Support
  • Intestinal Repair
  • Digestion Support
  • Heavy Metal Detox
  • SymplexF Hormone Supplement
  • Multi-Min Chelate
  • B Complex
  • Multi Vitamin

In addition to taking these herbs and supplements I’m also drinking at least one green smoothie per day, at least one juiced drink per day, and taking juice plus. My diet is slowly changing as well, geared more toward eating healthier meals, and not snacking on empty calories, or eating out as much.

I take Epsom salt baths for detoxing, drink garlic and lemon water to help the liver detox, and dry brush my skin. Taking hot baths and resting are also part of my day. (I get at least 8 hours of sleep per day)

Daily I read from the Bible and live a life of gratitude toward Him for the blessings I have in my life. Confessing out loud that I am healed by the Stripes of Jesus, and whole because of the radical grace of God.

I’m also going to start yoga or Pilates, as a way to get some gentle exercise and stretching in.

This is the plan as of October 2013. As we move along and add or subtract from the plan, I’ll update this page.

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