We had an awesome time in Pottsboro, Texas with the kids and my in-laws. Adam and I were only there two days, as we had doctors appointments, but those two days were great for refreshing us, and taking our minds off cancer. It’s just what we needed, to spend quality with with the kids, each other, and Adam’s parents.

It was only an hour drive away, too, which was nice. Out in the country, surrounded by Lake Texoma – it was just so nice. The first day we were lazy and just hung around the amazing resort. We swam, cooked out, and played card games. It really was a perfect day.

The second day we rented a pontoon boat and played on the water all day. The kids and I got in the water and swam around the boat. The kids fished and caught some bass. We ate and boated fast and slow and it was just a lovely day on the water. My kind of vacation. I love being on the water.

We had a nice time and below are all the pictures and videos from vacation.

On our way to Pottsboro, Texas.

Just arriving to the resort.

Having fun at the resort pool and hot tub.

Adam couldn’t swim, due to the surgery, but he had a good time still.

Grabbing a little snack after the pool.

Cooking out, using one of the many grills on property.

Having a pic-nick for dinner.

Steaks and burgers!

Football and frisbee!

Dinner was delicious!

Relaxing in bed after a nice day.

The kids had their own room with queen sized beds, their own full bathroom, mini kitchen, and tv – along with a balcony. So fun!

Getting our pontoon.

Heading out on the water!

Nick loved boating. We let him boat a bit on his own, too. Somebody was always very close by though.

My kind of vacation!

The kids had fun fishing. This time, it was unsuccessful, but soon enough into the boating, Nick and Dash both caught some bass.

I love this picture of Adam!

One of the sand bars, or as the kids called it, Islands!

First trip into the water.

It was cold but they braved it and jumped in.

Interesting birds on the “Island”

One of the most relaxing parts was laying back and just feeling the breeze.

Papa had the idea of boating slowly and dragging the fishing line behind us… this is how we caught two fish. I didn’t snap a picture of Dash with his because I forgot… see, the fish had gotten hooked bad, lost a lot of blood, and sadly, seemed not to make it when we threw it overboard.

It was cold but once you got in, you got used to it. I had so much fun sharing this memory with the kids. It was their first time swimming off a boat.

By the end of the day, they were beat. I call that a successful day on the water.

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