The Value of These People

To know this dynamic is to love this dynamic. We’re the fab 7 and have always been tight. These two people, my husband’s wonderful parents, have been a solid, stable, giving, and loving force in our lives. From day one, they’ve been the absolute best grandparents and, as we’ve worked out the normal kinks of the in-law relationship throughout the years, have become an incredibly important part of my life as well – and of course, they’re freaking amazing with their sons! They’re the example for Adam and I of how to be with our own boys when they grow into men and create their own families.

We had a wonderful time today as we always do. You’ll find good food, family gaming, and great conversation every time we’re together. My kids adore them. Absolutely adore them. And the feeling is very much so mutual. If you can’t tell by all the gushing, we’re just so blessed and lucky to have one another. There’s just something to say for unconditional love and support of parents and grandparents and solid and stable people to call mom and dad, grandma and grandpa.

My kids are quickly growing up too and time is growing short with having them at home with us. I can see the future that used to be so far off but is much closer now, the future of kids on their own, with their spouses, and their kids, and it’s beautifully bittersweet to slowly witness these amazing boys growing up and, oh so soon, flying the nest. But every stage of life is special and I’m so grateful and thankful Adam and I were given these boys – this life together – this marriage of 19 years – and these parents.

My husband and I have made a lovely life together and God has been there the whole way guiding us, keeping us, and, I truly believe He has enjoyed watching this dynamic 7 live life together. Although not a perfect journey, it has been perfectly our journey. Thanks to love, commitment, compassion and understanding of one another, and God.

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