Dear Diary - Family Stories

Walking to School

When we were picking out houses in Texas we really wanted a neighborhood with a family friendly vibe. Lots of families, younger children, things to do.

Coming from Missouri we weren’t sure what we were going to find down here. But when we discovered the neighborhood we ended up in we just knew this was it.

The homes are amazing, the neighborhood is extremely family friendly, and the school is less than a few blocks from our home. Literally in walking distance. How fun is that?!


My oldest son, N, walks to his bus stop and rides a few minutes down the road to his school, while I walk the two younger guys to their school every morning.


Every day we see friends on our walk, the cross walk guard knows us, and the kids enjoy each other as we make our way to and from school.


This morning in particular was especially crisp for Texas, being only in the 50’s. We got to wear our jackets and actually need them this morning. I’ve been so hungry for fall-like weather that we’ve all been in fall-like clothing even if we didn’t necessarily need them at the time. But this morning we needed them and it was heavenly!


What an absolute joy this time of our lives is. I’m certain I’ll look back on these walks with warm feelings and a happy heart. Even the days where it was 100 out I’ll look back  on fondly.


Our house is so much more than a house. It’s a home. And our neighborhood is a big part of that home feeling. It’s a special place and we’re so blessed to have these years and memories with our growing boys.


N, Z, and D are lucky little boys!