walking with pain

Pain is something else, isn’t it? And some levels of emotional (and of course, physical) pain are harder to heal than others, I’ve found. But no matter the depth of the pain, all pain is hard to bare.

I’ve walked a long journey with a lot of different types and depths of pain and I’ve found the old cliché of time heals all wounds to be absolute garbage. Time does have a tendency to numb your pain a bit but it’s always there, right under the surface.

Even with a certain level of healing I have experienced with painful events and memories and emotions, I’ve come to realize that I may carry it for the duration of my life this side of heaven. I may carry the physical pain of chronic illness, too. It’s hard to say.

Pain and I have walked this life together so long that I almost feel is part of me, part of my story. And strangely, I don’t fight it much anymore.

Pain has taught me so much. I’m thankful that, what could have destroyed me, God has used for the good in my life. Not that He sent this pain for that reason, but that He is so good that He can turn around what was meant to kill me and instead make me stronger and more empathetic because of it.

Anyway, some Saturday ramblings about the journey with pain. None of us get through this life without being touched in some ways. I’ve found that it’s how we greet the pain that determines how we will make it through our lives with it.


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