It’s been a bit of a rough week with my health and because of that I’ve not been doing a lot physically. My walks have gone from a few blocks long to literally up to the end of my street and back down, if even that. I am counting down the days until I’m able to go to the cardiologist on Wednesday of this week. But enough of that right now. I’m here and alive and I’m very grateful!

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I got my order of prints of my artwork in and really love them a lot. While I am going to focus mostly on inspiring artwork, and affirmation cards for the chronically ill, I will offer a few of my nature/whimsical pieces here and there as well. Here are a couple that I love so much!

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Easter was sweet. We spent it at my in-laws and got to see my brother and sister-in-law and our little niece, the boys only cousin, too, which was a delight. She is something else ya’ll! Such a fun little girl. We ate delicious food and chatted. It was nice. I lasted a good three hours which was longer than I thought I would, due to my health. I did spend the rest of the day in bed but it was worth it being able to see everyone.


IG Round Up

It’s ok to feel robbed of a life you had before illness and the life you could have had.

It’s okay to cry, to burry your head in your pillow and sob-scream for all disease has sucked away.

It’s okay to cuss and feel all the emotions everyone must eventually process from a chronic illness.

It’s ok and it’s just part of the journey.

I’ve lost so much. I can’t speak for you but I bet you’ve, too.

Sure, I’m extremely blessed and I enjoy a beautiful life and dang girl (and guy!) am I ever grateful for it all but shoot the loss I’ve experienced too is intense. The trauma. The hurt. The depression. You get it though.

Today I feel the heaviness of loss and I’m allowing myself to “go there” and “sit in it” and let those feelings pour out of my being.

I encourage you to not hold back. When you are angry, be angry. When sad, be sad. When it’s time to cry, dang just let those tear things flow. It. Is. Ok.

I’m going to bed upset but I also know that this will pass. The emotions will ease. And hope and joy will be uncovered and show themselves again from beneath my hot tears. It’s the process.

Friends, I am wishing you healing and sending virtual encouragement to follow your body’s lead. Don’t be afraid of processing and feeling the emotions. You’ll be ok.


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