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Weekend Chat 3/20/2021

I’m ending the week in as much pain as I began it, just as fatigued, and just as tired of being sick as I have been for 13 years but friends, I’m okay with that because here’s the thing, I have so much to be thankful for no matter what challenges I face in this life, I am blessed beyond measure. Truly, I am so grateful.

So, while yes I am working toward healing, and hoping against hope that I’ll become functional enough to thoroughly enjoy a more typical lifestyle, I am still grateful for the blessings I do have right now in my life – even with the disease. Can I get an amen?!

So let’s chat about the highlights of this week. 

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I took a trip to the hobbs (Hobby Lobby) this week for some floss and stuff and got hoops, DMC floss, new embroidery snips, and a beautiful glass trinket for my floss bits.

I finished a little girl riding her scooter, started a wedding dress portrait, and mailed out a couple orders from friends of my embroidery pieces. It was a fun week for my stitching adventures.

We had so much gorgeous weather this week here in Texas and partook in many a walk (but really, what’s new? Texas is as close to perfect as you can get – just don’t visit in the dead of summer if you hate heat. You will melt, guarantee it! but right now it’s amazeballs and I’m a walking fool!).

I am limited in how far I walk usually, due to pain and fatigue, but I don’t let that stop me most days from at least a walk around the block – usually with one or more of my kids – and sometimes I’m lucky enough that my husband joins me.

With my youngest being a remote learner, I get to take him on walks with me most days – he is also my little chronic illness warrior and I’m so proud to be his mama. He is an inspiration to me and I love him so much.

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I had a pretty productive week but make no mistake about it, I don’t put my value in my productivity. I am no less valuable than a healthy and whole person who has a full life. I am also no more valuable than someone even sicker than me who can do less than me. My worth is found in God and no where else.

I am so grateful for the days I can push through the pain but I am also ok that I can’t do much but lay in bed some days, working from my laptop, and doing my bare minimum around the house. Why? Because my worth isn’t in what I do but whose I am and who I am. And the same goes for you. I hope you know that.

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This morning I took my youngest son on a garage sale walk in our neighborhood and picked up a few cute items. I got a beautiful white decorative cross that found its home immediately. It was only .50 cents! I gave the old guy a dollar for it. I also picked up a cute bunny figurine. And finally, a cute “Texas” lamp. All the items found homes in the living room.

And this afternoon my in-laws and I watched my oldest son in his jazz concert with the highschool. It was outdoors, everyone was as safe as possible, and enjoyed an incredible concert! My son had two solos. I’ll never not be excited to see him playing music. I will miss it so much when he gets out of school and no longer plays in band.

He’s in marching band, concert band, and jazz band. He just loves music so much. It’s been incredibly rewarding for him. And I have loved being a band mom. Next year will be my last year being a band mom! Both my other kids don’t want to remain in band for their own reasons, which I respect and honor, but I am secretly a little bummed about it.

IG Wrap Up

Did you know I have a public IG account now? I have kept a private account for so long but decided to start a new one that I would carefully curate and only allow some content about my children, that is why I opened a new account instead of just opening my private account  – too many pictures and videos of my children and I want to protect their privacy as best I can. Anyway, back to the new account. You can follow me here: _hellonell

IG Hight Lights

A post giving a brief overview of me and my family… you can read it here even if you don’t have an IG account.

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What’s Coming This Week

Blog Posts

  • “What I Bought on Amazon This Month”
  • “Parenting While Chronically Ill” post series
  • another “Weekend Chat” next weekend!

I hope to see you around.

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