Dear Diary - Family Stories

Welcome Back Home, Y’all

My in-laws have been out of town for ten days. That’s a long time! The kids have missed them. We’ve missed them. I hear they’ve missed us all too. They drove into town tonight and came over for dinner.

I spent the day cleaning and preparing for their visit. I even got a new table cloth and runner for dinner tonight. How funny. But it’s nice being able to have a clean, cute house when company comes over.




We had a yummy dinner of burgers and dogs on the grill and good conversation. Looks like my Father-in-Law will be taking my husband and oldest son golfing in the morning, then we’ll meet up for swimming in the afternoon, and then dinner at their home.

It’s good to be back in our little family routine, if even just for a little while before they take our kiddos on vacation for seven days. Seven whole days alone with my husband. Seven whole days of memories for my children and their grandparents.

My life is far from charming. Trust me on that. I just choose to focus on the good and do my best to handle the not-so-good privately. But in the end, I am blessed and love my little life with my sweet little family.