Tonight my family of five gathered ’round the dinner table for a friendly game of Monopoly. My children, five years old, seven years old, and nine years old, played along side daddy and me. After about thirty minutes, the two younger kids dropped out, opting for video games instead.

As the game went on, it was clear daddy was winning. My nine year old became upset about the situation. I decided to give him some money to help him out in his time of need. When I got on the losing side of things, he returned the favor. My husband wasn’t keen on this, calling it cheating. I can see where he was coming from, he wants my children to play by the rules.

He posted this on Facebook after the game ended.

So I was playing monopoly tonight with the family and my wife is upset with me that I was wanting to play by rules and bankrupted my child and when he loses I am supposed to get all his assets, but he wanted to give all his money to mommy. Not the way it works in the real world!

He wants my children to learn how the real world works through Monopoly. And so do I. In the real world, when you can’t pay your bills, you lose your house. You lose everything you have. But in the real world, you have the opportunity to bless those less fortunate than you. You have the opportunity to give of yourself, to give of your heart, your time, your money, and whatever you own that you want to give away.

So yes, it’s just a game. And yes, learning to play by the rules is important, too, but I like to see the good in the actions of my nine year old. His heart was moved by the needs of his mother. He didn’t care about his own winning or losing by giving me some of his money, or property, he only cared that I was in need, and he had what I needed, and he graciously gave of himself to help me out.

I think it was an excellent teaching moment. And frankly, I’m more proud of his kind heart, than the fact that he “cheated” in the game by helping me out. (It’s not like either one of us was winning anyway.)

I love his heart. It’s so kind and precious. And yes he does need to learn to lose a game without it upsetting him, and he needs to let others lose a game, but tonight, I felt like his giving heart mattered more than his “cheating” by helping his mommy out in the game.



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