They rely on me, these boys that call me their momma. Rays of sunlight filter through the lace curtains, gently warming awake their sweetly sleeping souls. They stumble out of their beds, down the hall, to the kitchen, where breakfast awaits. I kiss their heads, rubbing their messy hair.

We walk down the hall toward the bathroom, where we all cram in tight, brushing teeth and hair, then back to bedrooms to get dressed for the day. After a day of play, chores, Bible study, lunch, snacks, dinner, baths, bedtime stories, and prayers they drift back to sleep only to start the routine all over again the next day.

My job is important. They need me. They literally need me. If not for me, they wouldn’t eat, and certainly wouldn’t eat a balanced meal. If not for me, they wouldn’t bathe. If not for me, they wouldn’t be dressed in clean clothes. They rely on me to get them through every day. As important to their very lives these things are, there’s one thing I do for them that is even more vital… I pray.

Daily I bathe them in prayer. When they aren’t looking, I pray. When they are looking, I pray. When they are sick, I lay hands on them. When they are sad, I pray for them. When they go to school, I pray for them. When they are home playing, I pray for them. Prayer is as important to our souls as food and water are to our bodies.


Last night, my youngest son began crying out of the blue about his leg. I’ve never seen him cry like this before. He was inconsolable. Tears streamed down his little chunky cheeks. He refused medicine. He cried and cried. I couldn’t see anything outwardly wrong but because he was diagnosed with Lyme disease, I know pain can be part of that disease. I’ve experienced my own tear worthy pain from the disease. It could have been due to Lyme, or maybe not, but the cause isn’t important, really. Because Jesus knew the cause. And He took care of it.

After holding him several minutes as he cried, I realized this pain wasn’t going away on its own. I carried him back to his bed, gently laid him down, covered him up, and placed my hand upon his leg.

In Jesus name, I command you pain to go right now. You have no right to attack my child. You leave right now, right now! Thank you Jesus for healing Dash and taking the pain away.

Dash, you’re healed in Jesus name, okay? To which my beautiful 4 year old shook his head yes. Instantly, the tears stopped. I walked out of his bedroom, and praised Jesus. Several minutes later, I walked back to his bedroom, and found him sleeping peacefully.

This thing we do, this prayer thing, this believers authority thing, is the most important thing we parents can do for our children. I’m not special. My children aren’t special. We are just like you. We have the same authority to lay hands on the sick and see them recover. We have the same Holy Spirit powering us. We have the same Jesus and same God loving us. So when your children are in pain, and sick, lay hands on them and command it to go – and watch miracles happen right before your eyes.

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