Welcome to my curvy mom closet.


My favorite go-to is a maxi dress and cover up of some sort. It’s comfortable, and I think, flattering, to my figure. It’s not clingy – I’m much more comfortable in clothing that doesn’t cling.


I have to give a shout out to my 11 year old for being my photog today. I’m hoping to teach him how to handle my DSLR in the future – for now, crappy iPhone pictures will have to do.


I may be in Dallas but my heart still cheers on the Kansas City Chiefs!


I love these jeans – they are from Forever21 – super flattering to my figure and super comfortable. One thing you’ll learn about me is how comfortable I like my clothing to be. I’m also not a huge fan of accessories. So, ya, this series might actually be kinda boring. ha!


I love a peplum top. Super flattering, super cute on. I paired it with the same jeans as the previous picture. But I also like wearing this shirt with skinny jeans too.


 I notice the floor isn’t perfectly clean, and the grass outside needs cut. Boy am I a newbie at this modeling stuff.


This dress is from Forever21. Okay, so in theory it works. But I think it’s too young for me. And too short. I’ve only worn it a couple of times and both times I felt awkward. It’s probably time to retire it.


I spy a little pup head sneaking into the shot.

This concludes part one of what’s in my closet. I’m committing myself to doing this once a week for a month and then I’ll re-evaluate if this belongs on my blog.

Which outfit do you think looks best on my body?

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