Adult Children

My heart and joy and the reason I smile are my children. All three. But there’s something extra special about newly adult kids, who are making a way in their life, working, schooling, and growing into adults and you get to watch them go from your sweet baby to a man.

I love when this one gets home from work and we gather around the kitchen, catching up with his day, making and eating food together. (When he isn’t too tired and just goes straight to his room.)

It’s a fine line to walk between parenting like you did when they were kids and moving into being a gentle guide in their lives. It takes time for the parent to figure that out, and grace from the young adult toward the parent, as we all navigate and move into new relationship dynamics.

We’re doing the best we can over here and are so grateful he is our son.

What a wonderful, smart, responsible young man.

Motherhood has been my greatest joy and blessing, even as difficult as it was raising up littles while chronically ill – it’s been truly the best part of my life.

I’m so grateful we had children. I can’t picture my life without them. I’ll be an old, gray woman (God willing) and, when I look back over my life, it will be them (and my husband) that will have meant the most. (I am grateful for all my relationships but you know, these are just extra special.)

So happy.

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