I’ve had a really bad 6 weeks since getting back from our week long vacation to Missouri. It took so much more out of me than I ever thought it would. I knew it would set me back some in my healing, but had no idea how far back it would take me.

I pushed myself two out of the past six weeks for family commitments and then basically crashed. I’ve been trying to recover as best I can with three children out of school for the summer. We haven’t been doing as much as I’d hoped because the fatigue has been so rough for me. Not to mention it’s been unbelievably hot out here in north Texas.

The other night I had a talk with myself. In that talk I realized that I’ve already had 12 summers with my oldest son, 9 with my middle, and 7 with my youngest and they’ve all flown by so quickly. I only have a handful of summer vacations left with my children at home and I need to take full advantage of them while I can.

So late in the evening we put our shoes on, grabbed the phone for Pokemon Go, and pictures, and headed off on an hour long walk around the neighborhood. It was hot can be still, and I was tired, but we went – we enjoyed a great time together – we beat the heat and Lyme disease. We created another memory that I’ll hold onto as my children grow up.






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