When Life Gives You Lemons…

We’re now couple-ish weeks into no school, essential shopping only, covid19 experience and frankly, I felt like I was losing my sanity. Today feels like a better day, like maybe I’m finally getting used to this strange new world we’re living in, and maybe my urges to get back to regular life are slowly waning. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m itching to go out to lunch with my husband on a date, or take my kids to the beach park, or make a quick run to the craft store etc but I feel like I am wrapping my brain around this a bit more and getting to a point where I don’t feel major cabin fever.

I’ve been taking several small walks around the block each day with my family, been making more art, learning more art techniques, working my job, taking care of my family, and sorta-kinda homeschooling, though, I know it’s nothing like what real homeschooling looks like. The assignments are few and far between at this point. I just don’t think our school district was at all prepared for such a crisis. They’re doing the best they can on such short notice that this was coming.

Overall, we’re doing okay. The stores seem to be more stocked than they were even just a week ago. We finally got our hands on some TP. Maybe the panic is slowing down. Not that we seem to be pulling out of this virus crisis yet but maybe the extreme fear is going away? I’m just doing my best to remain calm and fearLESS in this time of strangeness. Getting out in nature and creating art every day is how I’m doing it. How are you handling this covid19 crisis?

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