This picture startled me.


I went from a healthy young lady to a very unhealthy woman in her middle 30’s in the blink of an eye.


I went from vibrant, energetic, happy, and truly healthy to overweight, run down, fatigued, in daily pain, sad, just trying to keep up with life.

And though I can’t just diet and walk my way out of Lyme disease, I intend to, at the very least, take some of my power back by eating cleaner, and walking as often as I physically can, which my goal is daily.

You see, when you’re chronically ill, the disease typically removes your power, strips it right out of your hands. Its only until you get pushed to a place of deep darkness do you realize the disease is ripping more from you than you should have ever allowed and you find your power again.

I don’t expect to look and feel like I did at 20 but I do expect to look and feel like a healthy, vibrant, and normal 35 year old woman.

After speaking with a friend, I have a plan of eating cleaner, drinking more water, and walking daily. I’ll start there and see where it takes me. And above all else, I continue to pray, and be prayed for, because I know Jesus is my healer, not diet, not medicine – Jesus is. I’m just doing my part to help my body receive its healing.

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